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What Makes Us Unique

Choosing a preschool can be tough. Here are a few reasons why I think Algiers Point Montessori should be your top choice:

Modern Montessori curriculum - While there are other Montessori schools in New Orleans, none are quite like ours. We’ve updated the Montessori curriculum for the 21st century. For example, other schools teach what Maria Montessori called “practical life skills” like polishing silver and washing clothes on a washboard. I see nothing practical about those tasks. While we do teach traditional skills like sewing, gardening, and woodworking, we don’t shy away from technology either.

We are also the only school in the city to combine the Montessori method with an emphasis on making, tinkering, and creating. We know that flexible thinking, problem solving, and creativity are increasingly important for success.

Daily time for making and tinkering - Most school schedules include a once-a-week visit with an art teacher, and, to our knowledge, only two other schools in New Orleans have any kind of tinkerlab or maker space. These spaces may make a big impression on prospective parents, but be sure to ask how often your child will actually visit that space.

Our students spend an hour or more each day with our dedicated art and tinkering materials. They are encouraged to build and create whatever inspires them, and they have supervised access to a wide variety of materials and tools.

Size - Choosing a preschool that’s part of a larger PreK-8 or PreK-12 school can mean the size of the campus and staff are overwhelming. The facilities and teachers you meet on your tour may be totally different from the classroom and teachers your child ends up with when school starts.

Our small yet welcoming environment lets children feel more at home. Our small size also means you’ll get to know all of the staff and the other families.

Parent communication - A common complaint parents have of their preschool is feeling like they actually have no idea what their child does all day. Some schools send home a generic class or school newsletter that inevitably gets crumpled and spilled on in the bottom the the child’s bag.

At Algiers Point Montessori, we make each parent a partner in their child’s school experience. Our teachers are savvy tech users who communicate often with personalized emails, texts, and photos.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness - You’re still trying to choose a preschool so deciding where your child is headed for K-12 may be the last thing on your mind. Here in New Orleans we know we have a lot of varied options. When the time comes, we’re ready to give you unbiased guidance in choosing a school, and information on what types of entrance exams your child may face.

Need more help choosing a preschool. Check out What Makes Us the Same.

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